Gainesville, GA

Josh Crampton Benefit Day

Poplar Springs Baptist Church is holding a “Benefit Day” to raise support for Josh Crampton and his family for experimental cancer treatments he is having in Miami, FL. Think of this in terms of a Benefit Singing or maybe a Benefit BBQ…only you don’t have to get in your car and drive to the church, and there are no expenses for food or a singing group.

Josh’s ‘Benefit Day’ will be Wednesday, October 11th.  On this day, instead of coming out for an event, we are asking that you, your family, friends…whomever you choose, or just alone…spend time in prayer for Josh and the Crampton family.  You may even choose to reach out to the Crampton family on this day through social media to let them know they are being prayed for!

During this time, the church will be accepting donations into their Benevolence Fund for Josh and his family’s expenses associated with Josh’s treatments.  For your tax records, all donors will receive a contribution statement from the church at the end of the year stating the amount you gave, and that no goods or services were received in return for your donation.

One of our goals is to make it as convenient as possible for you to give. You can choose any of the following methods:

  1. By Check. Make checks payable to “Poplar Springs Baptist Church”. In the “for” line of your check write “Benevolence Fund”.  Mail to: Poplar Springs Baptist Church, 3104 Poplar Springs Church Road, Gainesville, GA 30507Please include a note with your check and give us your email address, as your year-end contribution statement will be emailed to you in January.  If you don’t have an email address, no problem. The church will mail one to the address on your check.
  2. Give Online.  You can give online at using our Online Giving Portal. This site will give you step-by-step directions for donating to the church’s Benevolence Fund. Note: For this special event, Poplar Springs will have their Benevolence Fund open for Online giving beginning Sunday, October 8th through Saturday October 14th.  You will be able to give online any of these days.
  3. Text to Give.   You can give by text by sending the message “<AMT> Benevolence” to the number 84321, where <AMT> is the amount you want to send.  For instance, if you’d like to donate $100.00, you would send “$100 Benevolence” to 84321.  Then, go through an easy, one-time set up and you’re ready.  Again, be sure to use the ‘Benevolence’ fund keyword in your text message (available also October 8th through 14th).
  4. In Person.  Our address is 3104 Polar Springs Church Road, Gainesville, GA  30507. The church office is open Monday through Thursday.  Just give us a call at 770-532-2237 to let us know you’re coming by, we’ll schedule our time around your visit.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our church at 770-532-2237 with any questions.

Message from Bob & Carla Crampton

Below is a message from the Crampton’s detailing the journey that they are undertaking:

In November 2016 our son, Joshua, learned he had cancer.  After a biopsy we learned that it is a rare cancer called Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma (ASPS).  Radiation and typical chemotherapy isn’t usually effective on ASPS- leaving surgery as the only option.  Josh went through an 11hr surgery and they removed a large (almost softball sized) tumor from his interior left hip.  The cancer had eroded the hip so badly Josh had to have a donor bone grafted in.  The surgery was successful and one of the lead surgeons told us later, “as of now he is cancer free”.  However, soon afterward we were told the pathology report showed that the surgery didn’t have clear margins.  They didn’t get all the cancer.  The surgeon told us that they went as far as they could without taking Josh‘s left leg off at the hip.
After a few months of recovery and as Josh was just getting off crutches and began walking unaided we had our first follow up scans.  Those scans revealed the cancer had spread to his lungs.  The doctor’s words were, “they’re too many to count, too dispersed to operate. You have Stage 4, incurable cancer”.  Meeting with an oncology hematologist later that day made us feel a little bit better as he prescribed a new drug called Sutent.
Two weeks later we were told our insurance wouldn’t cover the Sutent.  We were out of options.  Our 24 year old has incurable cancer and there isn’t a treatment that is available by prescription.   It doesn’t get any worse, or more helpless, than to experience that moment.
A few days later, after doing some intense internet digging, and I firmly believe being led by God, we found a clinical trial in Miami, Florida that was experimenting with a two drug regime and was having some success in helping people with ASPS.  A quick email to the lead doctor over the trial, Dr. Breelyn Wilky, was answered a few minutes after it was sent, and on a Saturday at that.  Dr. Wilky encouraged us to come to Miami and see what the trial was about and to see if Josh qualified.  We went, we liked what we heard and what we saw and we began the process of getting Josh enrolled.  The trial was set up to handle 30 patients and after a terrifyingly long wait we learned that Josh was patient 30.  Once again, God delivered.
We have just started the trial officially. We have made another week long visit to Miami and we are heading back there soon.  The trial protocol is quite strict – one pill every 12 hours and every 3rd week an IV of another drug is given.  In between, we have weekly check ins that must be done in Miami.  The weekly check ins go on for the first 13 weeks of the trial and then it moves to every 3rd week with the check in and IV combined. 
We are asking for your assistance in helping us cover the costs associated with the trips down and back, meals and lodging when we need to spend the night.  Our families have been incredibly gracious in offering what help they could.  Friends have given, neighbors have stepped up and offered help, and we have appreciated every gift.  Every dime that we have raised is used solely for the expenses of getting us down to Miami so Josh can continue to be part of this clinical trial.
We gladly accept donations of sky miles from Delta, American, United, Spirit or SouthWest or any other carrier that flies into Miami of near by Fort Lauderdale.  We can use gas cards from Shell, Chevron, Marathon or Love’s or any other vendor found in Florida.  Gift cards from Subway or Publix or any fast-food chain is greatly appreciated.  But above all that, we earnestly, deeply desire your prayers that the medicines will do their job, and that Josh will tolerate them as well as possible.  Pray for travel safety as we make these trips down and back.
Final thought – this has been an awful situation.  At times, when you’re listening to your strong son cry out from the pain, it’s been the most horrible thing we’ve ever experienced.  But in the middle of all this ugliness we’ve been amazed by the providence of God, touched by the giving of so many and humbled by all the love we’ve felt pour out on us.  At some of our darkest moments, we’ve been reminded again and again by the power of our loving God and the grace He rains down upon us.  Our sincerest thanks to all who have prayed, given and lifted us up. We will be forever in your debt.
Bob & Carla Crampton