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Our Deacons

Deacon Chairman, Jim Chatham

I was Born in Atlanta, GA during the Great Depression and I resided in the greater Atlanta area until I was thirteen.  It was during that time that I accepted the Lord as my Savior.  My parents moved us to two different states before moving back to Georgia.  After high school, I worked at several jobs until I started to work at the General Motors plant in Doraville, GA. 

I married Barbara Coffee and we had two beautiful daughters, Linda and Elaine.  My years with GM took us to several other states and I eventually retired to Gainesville, GA .  We attended several other churches, but finally settled at Poplar Springs Baptist Church.  After 60 years of married life, Barbara passed away on April 1, 2011. 

I will continue to serve the Lord in my small way until he calls me home.

Jimmy Millwood
David Burnsed

I am a country boy at heart, born and raised in south Georgia in a small country church where everybody knows everybody. I became a Christian at 10 years old in a fall revival at my home church. My family and I moved here to the Gainesville area back in 2001 when the plant I worked at closed and forced me to look for work. Now I'm a supervisor at the Havertys warehouse in Braselton. Everything that's happened in my life I can attribute to Jesus and the plan he has for me. Some of it I know, the rest I just have to take minute by minute on faith. I know some day I'll meet Jesus in person, and when I do the first thing I want to tell Him is, "Thank you for loving someone like me."
Mark Gilleland

I am a life long attendee of Poplar Springs Baptist Church.  I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savoir as a young teen. I met my wife of 35+ years while in the youth program here.  In 1980, I was ordained as a deacon. It has been my priveledge to serve the church fellowship in various roles over the years.  I look forward to serve in whatever way I can, so that my Lord may be glorified in this place.

May God bless

Jerry McClure
Bill Sensel
Willis Williams
Steve Herron